kalyani vilage resort

Looking for a pleasant spot to get away for the weekend? Kalyani Village Resort should be it for you!

Kalyani Village Resort is located on the outskirts of the city near Vajreshwari. Surrounded by lush trees and nature, the resort is situated amidst the sprawling hills on the banks of river Tansa. As its name suggests, Kalyani Village Resort strives to give its guests an authentic village like experience and atmosphere.

Kalyani Village Resort has a world of its own once you enter the premises. It is a hugely popular and most favored resort in town due to its perfect location. Locals and tourists alike frequent this holiday hot-spot no matter the season. An ideal destination for one-day picnic with family and friends, school excursions or even corporate picnics, trekkers and campers, the resort caters to all kinds of visitors and provides a truly enjoyable experience.

The resort has host of conveniences and amenities available at your disposal. From a water park to adventure activities, this resort has left no stone unturned to truly give you an experience of a lifetime.

Kalyani Village has four swimming pools you can choose from that also have different types of slides and a range of water activities like the river promenade that will only leave you wanting more.

If you are bored of splashing in the water? Here’s more for you. For those wanting to explore their adventurous side, the water park has a range of fun activities like Net Climbing, Zipline, Highline and Rifle Shooting.

The resort also organizes treks for all your nature freaks. You can take fishing trips or go on hikes to Vajreshwari and Gangeshpuri temples that boast of hot water springs, Usagaon Dam and Tungareshwar temple which is 2500ft high.

Check into one of the cabanas that the resort offers for a day of relaxing and rejuvenation.


Kalyani Village Resort One Day Packages

Kalyani Village Resort One Day Packages

Kalyani Village Resort Night Stay Packages

Kalyani Village Resort Night Stay Packages




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